Event Ready uses the most reliable and advanced lead retrieval system in the industry. Fast, accurate, easy to use and gives you immediate access to your leads. Important show data is easily imported into popular contact management programs for timely follow-up during and after the show.
• Hassle free rental of lead retrieval equipment
• Set Up/Training/Pick Up
• Follow up action codes
Limited units available
Lead Retrieval Device Description EarlyBird
*Limited Qty

iScan Leads

The iScan Leads ipod touch is the perfect way to capture your leads. With using ileads software, the ipod fits perfectly in your hand. The ipod touch features an Apple designed A8 chip and a new 8 mega pixal iSight camera  with a stunning Retina display. This enable the iPod to take a clear picture of the bar code to capture every single lead easily and quickly. Typing in notes is easier thanks to predictive text capability.
iScan Leads easy, accurate and affordable.

*Package Deal! Rent 3 Devices at $325 and Get the 4th FREE. Please email or call for this special offer* Offer ends 5/18

$325 $425 $525
 iLeads (available for iPhone, iPad & Android)

Use the iLeads app on your personal iPhone, iPad or Android device and you'll never have to wait in line to pick up or drop off a lead retrieval device again! With this ground-breaking app, exhibitors can capture, qualify & manage tradeshow leads anywhere using their own Smartphone or iPad. They can attach a photo, voice note & a written note to leads. They can send updates right from the tradeshow floor to headquarters, customers & prospects. Exhibitors can also check out lead profiles on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.*One License per order*
*Package Deal! Rent 3 Licenses at $275 and Get the 4th FREE. Please email or call for this special offer* Offer ends 5/18 
$275 $325 $375
Optional Additional Add-ons      
Custom Qualifiers/Action Codes

If the 6 standard included Lead Follow-Up Codes do not meet your requirements, you have the ability to create up to 10 additional Custom Codes for your device.
$150 $150 N/A

We do it all! Call to set up a time for delivery and we will bring the unit(s) to your booth. We will train you and pick up the unit after the event.
$100 $100 $100
Developer's Sample Badge

Event Ready will email you a sample badge displaying the barcode being used at your conference. The fields contained in the barcode will be mapped to help you with programming your personal Lead Retrieval device.The email will also include the delimiter.
$375 $375  N/A